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Menu of Top Shanghai Cuisine Restaurant

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Dim-Sum 點心

Pork 豬肉類

Vegetable 蔬菜

Rice 飯類

Tofu 豆腐類

Chicken 雞肉類

Fried Noodles 炒粉麵

Soups 湯羹

Chefs Recommendations 廚師精選

Aquatic Food 水產

Desserts 甜品

Stewed Napa Cabbage 爛糊類

Noodles in Soup 湯麵

Crispy Puffed Rice Wo Ba 鍋粑

Seafood 海鮮

Cold Dishes 冷菜

Beef 牛肉 類

Simmer Noodles 煨麵

Rice in Soup 泡飯

Duck 鴨類

Casserole 砂鍋

Eggs 蛋類

Pig Tendon 蹄筋類 & Moo Shu 木薯菜

Shredded Dried Tofu 乾絲類

Soft Drinks 汽水